Buick for CollegeFootball

  • Concept & Set Design
    Live Action Production
    Directed all car shoots
    CG Production
    Color + Finishing

  • Since 2015 Motomo Studio partners with Leo Burnett to increase Buick’s visibility on ESPN with a series of cross-promotional idents. We enjoy finding new ways of presenting Buick’s expanding line of vehicles in these spots, blending live action and CG cars.

  • Our experience in creating indistinguishable CG models of the cars we shoot allows us to update cars as well as presenting prototypes in a photo-real environment.

  • All environments we have created for our Buick spots throughout the years are based on ESPN' College Football graphic package: Downtown areas, highways, overpasses, green hills and distant mountains.

Style Frame

Shoot in Long Beach, CA

Style Frame

2016-17 Playoffs Spot

2015-16 Season Spot

2015-16 Playoffs Spot

Client: GM
Agency: Leo Burnett / ESPN Creative Services

Live Action Director: Carsten Becker
Prod. Company: Motomo Studio

CG Production and Post: Motomo Studio
Creative Director: Carsten Becker