Stranger Things Season 4

  • March 2022: The wait for more Stranger Things has come to a breaking point. So when friends at Meta’s Partnerships tapped my team for an Augmented Reality activation for the Season 4 launch we were stoked. Last year, this team created an AR effect that let you peek into the Upside-Down by tilting your phone (scroll down to see that).

  • For the ultimate dive back into where storylines left off at the end of Season 3, our Group Video Call activation brought Mike, Lucas, Hopper, and of course, Eleven back into our world, matched with key locations (Hawkins, LA, Russia, and the mysterious Creel House).

  • All four scenes dynamically evolve around the caller, and watching closely you’ll see some very interesting details emerge. And if you stare long enough, things may break.

  • Studio: Invisible Thread